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ROSA PISTOLA: Acclaim Sound Guide

This week's Sound Guide is curated by Colombian DJ and Producer Rosa Pistola, leading up to her debut AUNZ tour.

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This week’s Sound Guide is curated by Rosa Pistola, a Colombian DJ and producer known for her contributions to the global bass and electronic music scenes. Hailing from Medellín, Colombia, she gained recognition for her unique blend of sounds that draw influence from reggaeton, dembow, cumbia, and other Latin American genres, combined with elements of EDM and hip-hop. Known for bringing an innovative approach to remixing and producing tracks, Rosa often incorporates traditional Colombian rhythms with modern beats and bass-heavy synths. She quickly gained a following for her energetic DJ sets and infectious tracks, which have been featured in clubs and festivals around the world and is set to make her debut on Australian and New Zealand shores later this month, touching down in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Auckland.

For her Sound Guides, Rosa spotlights a dynamic blend of tracks that showcase the diverse sounds of Latin America and beyond, from the infectious sounds of AKANNI and Los Sufridos to fiery tracks from La Perversa, Ghan Neela, Standly and more serving as a taste of what you can expect from her upcoming sets down under — no skips!

March 15 – Brisbane, Prohibition Nightclub
March 16 – Melbourne, Club Chuleo
March 17 – Sydney, Altura at Soul Harbour
March 23 – Canberra, Digi Festival

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