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You can’t really blame Yeezy, we’ve all been there– you design a collection or two for A.P.C, intern at Fendi for a while, release the most coveted sneakers of 2014 and suddenly you think you know a thing or two about fashion.

If Page Six‘s sources are correct, Kanye West is planning on stepping away from music to focus on clothes after the release of his forthcoming Paul McCartney collaboration (featuring the widely anticipated ‘Piss on My Grave’).

This comes as Yeezy has been forced to postpone the release of his $15 million Adidas collaboration four times, having not had the time to complete it.

Only time will tell if this one proves true, particularly since ‘Ye has balanced fashion/music icon status fairly successfully to date. Regardless of the medium Kanye will probably be a massive taste maker, it still ain’t Ralph tho.


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