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Schoolboy Q confirms his album release date

But it's still not soon enough for his fans

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As far as music news goes, today has gotten off to a good start. With new and imminent releases from many of our favourite artists, TDE’s Schoolboy Q joined the fray a few hours ago by tweeting the ‘final date’ for the release of his forthcoming album.

For those of us who don’t follow the American way of writing dates, it looks like we’ll be seeing new stuff from Q on July 8, which is just a matter of weeks away. Not unlike many of his labelmates (as well as the likes of Kanye West and co.) the Groovy one has yet to confirm an album title and all we have to go off, vibe-wise, are the two surprise tracks he released over the last couple of months. Although the quality of both tracks is enough to have us all 100% invested in the new one already. TDE will surely drip-feed the thirsty fans bits of info and music in the lead-up to the release but for now, just set that July 8 reminder in your calendars immediately.

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