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Weekly updates

Dutch producer and DJ GANZ has been hitting up Australia recently. He brought his track flipping skills (and the tightest hotel room studio ever) to the Sydney Harbour Party for New Years as well as featuring in a range of festival lineups around the country. We spoke with GANZ on the final leg of his tour to find out what he’s about. Like any sensible person, he loves Destiny’s Child and funny YouTube vids. Read on.

My name is… Jordy Saämena  , 25 ~ living in Amsterdam

By day I… sleep, check mails, hang out with friends, chill and make music

By night I… also make music, dj

My favourite TV show is… probably the ’70s show, Sons of Anarchy or Scrubs

The last movie I watched was… The Equalizer

The first album I ever bought was… Destiny’s Child – Destiny’s Child

The last was… Chet Faker – Built on Glass

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… cooking stuff or seeking for dinosaurs

I’m addicted to… red bull, food, sleeping, making music, movies

The best thing about touring is… you see so many diffirent crowds and energies + meeting a lot of new people + giving them sum exclusive stuff. And see the look on their faces

The worst thing is… less sleeping + bad hotel food + bad wifi in hotels

My perfect gig would involve… one night with all of the artists I like and then doing a special live show with only unreleased / unknown material

The first gig I went to was… Probably Destiny’s Child. If it’s ’bout my first own gig: Stellar with Baauer in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The most important thing on my rider is… my bottle of Bacardi Oakheart with Coca-Cola, ice and lemons

My hangover cure is… grabbing lots of cans red bull + a cigarette + lots of movies + my bed

My favourite YouTube vid is…  Blikje in de water“. Its a dutch video bout an Foreign guy who throws an empty can of beer in the cannals of Utrecht and who got caught by the city guards. Its so hilarious.

My computer’s wallpaper is… a front view of Nalahia (village in the Moluccan where my roots come from)

Catch Ganz on the Sunshine Coast and in Adelaide on Jan 8 and 9 respectively thanks to the Kosher Group.

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