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In no time at all, Lauren ‘KITTENS’ Abedini has already established a career thoroughly earmarked with incredible props. From repping ATHLETIXX with Hoodboi, Falcons and Promnite to performing with the likes of Kid Cudi, Chief Keef and Usher. She’s heading to Aussie shores soon thanks to The Kosher Group and we threw her some questions in the interim. Check it below!

My name is… KITTENS

By day I… Make music, cuddle my cats, eat Oreos

By night I… DJ, cuddle my cats, eat Oreos

My favourite TV show is… Scandal for thrills, Summer Heights High for laughs, and The L Word for nostalgia

The last movie I watched was… The Boy Next Door (purely to drool over JLO)

The first album I ever bought was… Michael Jackson – Dangerous

The last was… D’Angelo – Black Messiah

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… Working in the creative side of business in marketing/branding or building a nonprofit female empowerment organization

I’m addicted to… All things feline

The best thing about touring is… I’ve always loved staying in hotels so that’s super fun but making new friends is definitely the best part.

The worst thing is… Being away from home. I’m a pretty serious home body and really miss my bed and my cats :(

My perfect gig would involve… All my homies in the booth with me, pizza (love 2 snack n dj), and a room full of people who are just super super down for the music.

The first gig I went to was… First concert I went to was NSYNC when I was in 4th grade. They came on stage from a helicopter and I squealed. My first personal gig was at a tiny bar in Orange County and I was terrrrrible lol

The most important thing on my rider is… Peanut M&Ms

My hangover cure is… Mexican food (chilaquiles to be exact), a laté, my bed, netflix, and lots of napping with my kitties

My computer’s wallpaper is… Alternating black and white photos of women nude in bed and Jennifer Lopez

My favourite YouTube vid is…

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