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Weekly updates

If you don’t know Lunice by name, then you’ll know him by beat. The dude has been responsible for a huge number of remixes as well as pumping out some of the most significant noise of 2012 as one half of TNGHT with Hudson Mohawke. He’s in Melbourne town for The Operatives’ BEAR OPS, performing Saturday February 14 alongside Redinho at Howler in Brunswick. We threw our quickest questions at the celebrated DJ before he could get a chance to run away from us.

My name is… Lunice

By day I… Read, learn & do research.

By night I… Work on my findings.

My favourite TV show is… Grand Designs.

The last movie I watched was… When Björk met Attenborough (Documentary).

The first album I ever bought was… Busta Rhymes – The Genesis

The last was… Aden – Tanz EP

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… Anything else that involves creativity.

I’m addicted to… Learning.

The best thing about touring is… First hand experiences and the people you meet and learn from.

The worst thing is… People complaining about first world problems.

My perfect gig would involve… A good smelling and well ventilated space where everyone get’s adequate hydration throughout the whole show.

The first gig I went to was… Eric Lapointe performing in my old town in Lachine.

The most important thing on my rider is… San Pellegrino and Fiji Water.

My hangover cure is… Coconut Water.

People always ask me… Where’s the drop?

If I could only eat one thing for every meal, it would be… Sushi with Matcha tea.

My favourite YouTube vid is… Cav Empt S/S 14 look book video.

My computer’s wallpaper is… An acrylic painting of flower arrangements from the 18th century.

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Find more info about BEAR OPS #2 feat. Lunice and Redinho here.

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