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Splendour’s ‘Sad Kanye’ installation makes light of mental health

The festival has announced the artwork just months after his hospitalisation

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Today Splendour in the Grass announced its arts and crafts lineup which details site specific installations for the festival. One of those installations is a 10m high inflatable piece called ‘Sad Kanye announced just months after the musician was hospitalised after reportedly suffering from “temporary psychosis“.

An announcement from SITG says the installation is by Barcelona-based art group Hungry Castle. According to Splendour, “their studio creates public art and clothing known as Cool Shit. The goal is to make big, playful things inspired by internet pop culture.” And what could be more playful than joking about mental health?

On the Spelndour website there’s also a fake letter from the artist to Kanye to explain the work:

“Dear Kanye, 

Why you got that resting bitch face, dog? Sometimes you crazy but you’re a dope ass producer and writer.

We want to send you some love by blowing up your big head as a 10m tall inflatable sculpture. It’s going to travel around the world to Bestival, Splendour and god knows where to next. 

But what should we put inside to make you happy?


Hungry Castle”

The letter is cringe-inducing on its own, but that’s nothing compared to the group making light of anyone’s mental health. Especially when Kanye’s own experience has gone on to kickstart a long overdue conversation about mental health in hip-hop.

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