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Weekly updates

Spooky Black (Now going by the name Corbin) is yet to really let us into his world, instead providing us melancholic glimpses into his life. The RnB singer and member of hip-hop/RnB collective The Stand4rd has previously stated that his music is mostly about isolation and a reflection of his life spent alone. Corbin and collaborator Bobby Raps brought us a new 6 track mixtape titled Couch Potato and they definitely continue to bring the weird and spiritual vibes that they pride themselves on and have a cult following for delivering.

It is easy to disregard Corbin’s music by listening to the straightforward way he describes it, but every track really is deep in emotion and surprisingly smooth. Travelling through the 6 tracks is like travelling through Corbin’s mind, reaching different levels of sorrow, isolation, tranquillity, and spirituality. The duo have released a video for the opening track ‘Welcome to the Hell Zone’ as well as providing a download of Couch Potato in full. Both of the links are in the gallery above.

Luke Karakas