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Weekly updates

The word “mash-up” is usually quick to scare me away. I’m inclined to scroll right on past it and leave it to the Laptop Party DJ and V-Neck wearing fans. In my mind, it usually evokes feelings of cheap and painfully ironic “party tunes”. But every now and then, it’s worth holding your finger on that scroll button for a little and clicking play.

Q-Tipokratiya is a mash-up album by TenDJiz (Miami-based producer/sound-engineer) created by blending Q-Tip vocals beats sampling Soviet Soul and Jazz. These are pretty well thought out blends with the beats complimenting that smooth Q-Tip flow. I often find it hard to heard people remix a classic, it’s hard for it not to sound strange on any other beat but the original, so hats off to TenDJiz for this one.

You can download the whole thing for FREE here. (Also, check out his De La Soulviet mash-up if you haven’t already)