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The 10 best things we learnt from 2 Chainz’s Reddit AMA

Love for Chance the Rapper and a new restaurant in Atlanta

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Southern rapper and Def Jam regular, 2 Chainz did his first Reddit AMA last night, and while he was ho-hum with most questions there were still some goodies we were able to pick out.

Speaking on everything from his new mixtape Daniel Son; Necklace Don to his favourite snacks after a visit to the strip club, the artist formerly known as Tity Boi gave fans a sneak peek into the ramblings and ruminations of a hip-hop artist taking the game by storm.

Below are 10 of our favourite revelations from last night’s AMA. Even though there were times 2 Chainz could hardly remember people/events that Redditors were quizzing him on, the College Park native was ready to speak his mind when the time permitted.

Some favourites include “Hey 2 Chainz. If you were a cripple, would you have 2 Canez?”, “Have you sold your soul yet?”, and “Have you ever considered evolving into 3 Chainz?” none of which scored a response, unfortunately.

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2 Chainz’s mixtape, Daniel Son; Necklace Don is out now. Listen to it here.


  • Words: Vincent Dwyer

01. “If you could work with any artist that has passed away, who would it be?”

“thats easy… 2 pac”.

Not surprising there, especially since anybody in their right mind would kill to even be in the same room as Pac.

02. “Why didn't your verse make the cut alongside Wayne & Gucci on "Steady Mobbin'"?

“wow how did you know about that? i cant answer that i just know it didnt make it”.

Shame too. That number is already banger-quality, but just imagining an extra 2 Chainz verse on the end that could have been deserves a moment of silence

03. “Thoughts on Kodak Black?”

“he hard!! i fuk with his music.. free the boy”.

Agreed, southern hip-hop might’ve dropped off lately, but at least Kodak is still dropping choice tracks. The endorsement of the south’s most volatile rapper probably doesn’t hurt either.

04. “How was it working with Chance? Problem is an amazing song!”

“Chance is the new wave im glad he reached out to me for that joint”.

Easily one of the best numbers of ’16 so far, no surprises there.

05. “Hey 2chainz. Big fan. What do you think of this painting I got made after listening to BOATS?”

“i for sure was not expecting that!! haaaaaa its amazing i almost want one myself”.

The key here is “almost”. He’s a gangsta, but let’s not forget he graduated college with a 4.0 GPA, so even his rejections are eloquent and strategically executed.

06. “If you could fuck one pornstar who would it be?”

“”If you could” lmao”.

That wasn’t even 2 Chainz’s response. Instead he replied to that comment with “my thoughts exactly”. Simple but effective.

07. “Have you ever thought about opening a food joint in Atlanta?”

“opening up a spot called Escobar on Peter Street”, “opening up a spot called Escobar on Peter Street”.

The restaurant so nice even 2 Chainz had to mention it twice.

08. “Why only 2 chainz?”

“2 chainz has multiple meanings, not only do i clearly love jewelry but its stands for my second chance”.

Everyone loves a good origin story, but 2 Chainz gets so ambiguous with this one that we’re left scratching our heads and rethinking Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s famous quote, “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains”. How many chainz though?

09. “How did you keep your cool when Nancy Grace was interviewing you? What was that experience like? Is she as awful off the camera as she is on it?”

“thats hands down my most memorable interview but she was very friendly off camera got to talk a lil bit and learn more about her as a person”.

If you’re not familiar with the one-woman letter-to-the-editor that is Nancy Grace then check out 2 Chainz’s interview with her here. It is hands down one of the most obnoxious things to watch, but Tity Boi handles it like a champ. Also try to resist the urge to giggle uncontrollably when Nancy Grace pronounces “Tity Boi” in her Church bake sale accent.

010. “What's your favorite food?”

“if u listen to my raps im sure u can pick that out”.

He’s obviously referencing his track “G.O.O.D. Morning” in which he confesses his favourite food as being “turkey lasagne”. If you thought anything else, or anything with a potential raunchy double-entendre attached to it then you’re with the feds.