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The New Locals: Imbi The Girl

The Sydney songwriter is finding their clarity and hitting the road.

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Imbi The Girl has been creating music since they could remember. But lacking the tools they needed, it’s only in the last two years that they’ve been able to bring these songs to fruition.

Listening to Imbi’s music could be likened to melting. Part way through last month, they dropped ‘i used to’, a single featuring SUPEREGO. The track focuses on seeking and maintaining clarity in chaos. It’s a follow up to their 2018 EP for me, a warm, familiar jumble of songs about self-love, art, and growing pains.

With new music on the way and their first headline tour coming up in June, we figured it was high time we sat down with Imbi to get their two cents on overseas plans and who’s on high rotation on their Spotify.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions for us! Last year you released your EP for me and you just released ‘i used to’ with Perth group SUPEREGO. Both releases are really beautiful, cohesive bodies of work. With this in mind, have you been making music for long?
It’s a pleasure! To be honest I have been singing and composing music since I can remember but those songs never had the chance to materialise. I didn’t have the tools I needed to manifest those melodies and beats from my brain into tangible music, so despite the fact I was creating all the time, the creations never really existed outside of myself. I guess I’ve only really been exposed to physically creating music for about two years.

You’ve just finished touring with Odette, and soon you’re going on your first headline tour. What do you enjoy the most about touring?
Interacting with different crowds has to be my favourite part. I like to hold a lot of intention and bring a lot of energy to my sets but at the end of the day, it all greatly depends on the people experiencing my music and how much energy they’re willing to share with each other and with me. I guess sussing out the different vibes of each city and seeing the way different people react to what I bring to the table is always a pleasure and a bit of a rush.

Where’s home for you when you’re creating? Do you work best indoors or out? What’s the average time you’d take to pull a track together?
I’ve lived in the same house my whole life. For the minute, that place serves as the home of all my crafts. The way that I write is really fluid, most of the time a line of lyrics and melody will come to me, I’ll start writing it down, and then within the hour I have a complete song in lyrics and melody.

Composition usually comes afterwards but I also love working with a prewritten beat or creating the two in tandem—the latter just hasn’t really happened much yet. I think working in the sun is really powerful and I definitely take pleasure in it, but I also get really sweaty really quick so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. I do really love writing outside though, nature tends to give something special to any creation.

You’ve received some pretty amazing support from overseas. Do you have any plans to head over there soon? Any particular international city or venue you’d love to play at?
Yeah, ahh, it’s really been dreamy to start to create international connection through my music. I think at the moment, as an independent artist funding has really been the only thing stopping me from taking international opportunities. We’ve had a few offers, but I guess it’s just not been the right time to make that move yet! I trust in the process though, I have no doubt it’s coming very soon. Honestly, I don’t have any specific international place I’m super keen to play, I’m more just excited & completely driven to connect with more people across the seas.

What’s the best way to wind down? How do you look after yourself?
Well, I’m a very spiritual person so a lot of my selfcare looks like personally tailored rituals and inner work, a lot of it is private info but I can say it comes from intention. Just declaring to myself and to the universe that I am dedicated to holding space for myself in whatever way I need and making sure that I dedicate ample time to journaling and processing my feelings. Also making myself little love tinctures is a big vibe, self-love is THE BEST.

Who have you been listening to a lot of lately? Who are the five most recently played artists on your Spotify?
My most recently listened to are Jayda G, Kamaal Williams, Kevin Abstract, Lizzo and Nilüfer Yanya. Nilüfer’s album Miss Universe has legit been my soundtrack to all remotely not good moments or moments of confusion or really whenever I feel like a little bit of contemporary healing for the past three weeks-ish. It’s been giving me the most, I highly recommend!

You’ve had a pretty intense impact for so early in your career. So what’s next?
Thank you! Yeah, it’s been wild so far and I have no doubt it’ll continue that way for a good while. I have my headline tour coming up in June and lots of delicious new music that I can’t wait to share. Aside from that, I’m going to keep loving myself and my nearest, queerest, and dearest, keep sharing my energy with any and all who are open to receive, and keep doing my best to be the best version of myself. I’m pretty keen to watch it all manifest!

Catch imbi the girl on their ‘i used to’ tour with special guest Azura

Thursday 20 June – The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Saturday 22 June – The Workers Club, Melbourne
Friday 28 June – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Tickets on sale now imbithegirl.com

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