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The Trippie Redd Starter Pack

We break down our favourite Trippie tracks on a journey through bells, bass, bars, Mariah Carey interpolations, and more.

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Over the past 4 years, Ohio’s Trippie Redd has ventured on a prolific journey to stardom. His variation of crooning trap-ballads, club-ready anthems, bar-smith wordplay, and undeniable personality has landed him 3 platinum singles and collaborations with everyone from Alison Wonderland to Busta Rhymes. Since 2016, Trippie has released 8 EPs, 4 mixtapes, and 3 albums, but don’t get it twisted; this isn’t a quantity-over-quality scenario. He’s quick with his creativity but careful with his curation, and that’s evident in his latest opus Pegasus, which is a spiralling path through sounds, styles, and heartfelt soliloquies. 

Serving as a celebration of Pegasus‘ release (and an excuse to write about our personal favourites), we’ve put together a sampler pack of Trippie Redd songs that define his unique artistry and give you something fire to add to your blossoming Summer playlists.

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01. Love Scars (A Love Letter to You)

‘Love Scars’ is the most obvious choice, but equally essential. This track displays Trippie’s talents at their rawest, leading to it becoming his breakout single and a standout cut on his A Love Letter To You Mixtape. It pairs the elements of open book lyricism and emotional vocal flair that you’d hear in a slow ballad but pairs with loud, bass-heavy production, making this an ideal candidate for crying in the club. While it’s not necessarily a B-side, it sets the scene perfectly for the expansive world of Trippie Redd. 

02. Forever Ever ft. Young Thug & Reese Laflare (Life's A Trip)

‘Forever Ever’ is without a doubt a sleeper hit from Trippie’s debut studio album Life’s A Trip. This collaboration with Young Thug and Reese Laflare paints them as the Three Musketeers of melodic hip-hop, as they each flex their vocal chops on their respective verses over smooth production from Murda Beatz and G Koop. It all comes together to create an undeniable sense of euphoria.

03. So Stressed ft. Young LB (Pegasus)

‘So Stressed’ from Trippie Redd’s Pegasus sounds like a mixture of early 2000s R&B and So Far Gone era Drake, with Trippie’s signature flair making it uniquely his own. He switches seamlessly between lowkey melodies, bellowing croons, and love-centric raps as he tackles his disdain for seeing his partner stressed. It’s topped off with fiery triplet flows from Young LB, serving as both a contrast to Trippie and a companion to making this song significantly better. 

04. Who Needs Love (A Love Letter to You 4)

‘Who Needs Love’ features high and low flows like a rollercoaster. Trippie jumps from high-energy bars to passionate melodies like he’s the rap game Luna Park, but does it without missing a beat or jarring the track. These flurries glide over a guitar-based beat that’s both mellow and melancholy. Tracks like ‘Who Needs Love’ are rooted in Trippie’s signature style, and this is just another instance of him doing it really well. 

05. Excitement ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR (Pegasus)

‘Excitement’ is alternative R&B in an epic proportion. The beat is a dense dose of soundscapes that Trippie and PARTYNEXTDOOR’s vocals seem to climb with ease. The style of both artists mesh together in an exemplary fashion, as PARTY revels in singing excellence, and Trippie pushes his croons to the brink of a voice break, adding grit and passion to his already damn-good melodies. Each time you hear the beat drop on the first hook to Trippie howling ‘Shawty wanna’ roll with a rock star‘, you’re going to be reminded how truly exciting this masterclass of a single is.

06. Today ft. UnoTheActivist (A Love Letter to You 2)

‘Today’ is a straight-up banger that feels designed to help you seize your day. The production is filled with medieval-esque chimes and bells but is boosted by trap-style drums and 808s, kind of like if Rolling Loud announced dates in Skyrim. This track features Trippie and Uno respectively at their braggadocious best, as they walk the listeners through how great their day is going to be and how they’re going to keep succeeding. The positive energy on this song is contagious, making this a must-have for your Summer playlist.

07. I Got You ft. Busta Rhymes (Pegasus)

‘I Got You’ features Trippie interpolating the Busta Rhymes classic ‘I Know What You Want,’ adding his hypnotic style to the timeless Mariah Carey hook. Busta even hops on the reimagining with a new verse, bringing his fast flows and unique personality to glossy production from Sean Momberger and Wheezy. It’s the combination of the quintessential sounds of the old school and the evolving creativity of the new. 

08. Weeeeee (Pegasus)

‘Weeeeee’ is a track that signifies Trippie Redd at his finest. The atmospheric production (courtesy of Loaded) behind Trippie’s raps makes it sound like he’s floating through space, with the only thing propelling him being his unique style. He mixes falsetto euphonies with triplet flows on a vocal voyage that’s thriving without even trying, while fueling his talent with flex-heavy bars like “Hella stones on me like I’m Medusa today”. It’s effortless elegance, and a testament to Trippie’s rapid evolution on his musical journey thus far.