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Tinashe stars in Paper magazine

"I'm not trying to be well known because of the people I'm dating"

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Although we’re no longer getting the privilege of seeing Tinashe in real life, we still have the URL experience to count on. The singer invited Paper magazine to her family home just before she set out on her now cancelled international tour to talk about her forthcoming album Joyride and navigating the industry as the “cute girl” she’s continually dismissed as.

“You can’t have too many chefs in the kitchen. You have to stay true to your own instincts and just have your own vision. I think that is very important. Otherwise you just get lost in the sauce.”

This vision is currently being finetuned as the R&B singer pulled the final dates of her tour to complete her sophomore album, of which has already seen the release of several killer singles.  She also speaks on that other chestnut most women in the entertainment industry are sick of dealing with — personal relationships and other people’s concern with those personal relationships.

“I feel the pressure to date around. People are always shocked to know that I don’t date around with other celebrities. [But] it’s just not my style. I’m not trying to be well known because of the people I’m dating, or the people that I’m seen with. I’d rather just be known for my music or my art. People will say something crazy like, ‘Why don’t you just go date Justin Bieber and be way more famous?’ I’m like, ‘What?'”

There is also, of course, a fun photoshoot to accompany the interview, which varies from suburban demure to risqué bedroom antics. Check out some of the images in the gallery above and head here to read the full feature.

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