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In December, two hip-hop experts from the University of Richmond and UC Irvine will attempt to explain the true meaning behind famous rap lyrics to a courtroom of esteemed legal professionals all aged over 50.

This may seem like an impossible task, but, when you think about it, Jay Z is 44, Dr Dre is 49 and Flavor Flav is 55 – hip-hop really isn’t all that new. The US Supreme Court is set to hear a case that will address hip-hop music and how it affects the validity of an online threat and an attempt to decide “whether the speaker’s intent or the listener’s response will determine if there has been a “’true threat’ of violence,” as explained by Slate.

The question has been sparked by the case of Anthony Elonis who posted violent rap lyrics on Facebook after being left by his wife. Rap-ologists Erik Nielson and Charis Kubrin have already submitted an Amicus brief that features a bibliography which could very well make rap history, or at the very least a badass party playlist.


James Ruklis