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The bromance between Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell Williams is a well-known fact. The pair joined forces, once again, at Odd Future’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, where a N*E*R*D reunion was the highlight, bringing a tear to Tyler’s eye. And something that might bring a tear to your eye is this short interview conducted by the Odd Future frontman for Mass Appeal with Pharrell after his set. Seeing Tyler this attentive and ‘well behaved’, as Pharrell put it, is a little odd but I guess I’d be fanning hard too, if my idol was in front of me saying things like “We’re out there performing and it’s your show. That means more to me than it does to you.” I mean, check that look in Tyler’s eyes, that’s true love right there. Witness the full pep talk in the video above.

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