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In a rare demonstration of definitive irony, Reddit user cocomok likely had his day made when Tyler, the Creator responded to his post criticising the rapper. After another fan reposted it on his spring.me page, Tyler decided to break down the Redditor’s post, titled “I’m done with Tyler”, with his own wall of text. The original post details the disappointment the former fan felt after the release of Cherry Bomb, his disapproval of the Odd Future head’s new cheerier demeanour, and the braggadocios attitude Tyler seems to be bringing in his latest batch of music.

Tyler’s response makes a number of solid counterpoints, firstly mentioning the fact that any accusations of materialism were inaccurate, as he only mentions “jewels or cars” on three songs on the new album. Tyler said he understands that fans cling on to particular periods of their favourite artists’ music, but it’s ridiculous to expect him to stay stuck with his depressed 2011 demeanour. He isn’t baited by idea that the Odd Future guys don’t hang around with him anymore, and shot back at the keyboard warriors that purport to know more about the gang’s personal lives than the guys themselves.

He also denies ever firing shots at Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt, but mentions that he doesn’t have time for “downers” and people that are “always just fucking everyone’s mood up”. While he denies any beef, in the past Tyler has tweeted to his fans with similar messages, saying “keep that negative dark downer depressing energy THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME” and later referring to a member of his crew as being too busy “sippin’ Nyquil and poppin’ Zans” to be the best that he can be; it’s not much of a stretch to imagine who he could possibly be referring to in all of this.

The whole post is summed up quite well in one excerpt: “Ohhh, it was cool when I was raping girls and telling you how sad I was on records, but when shit changes and I’m feeling great and I fuck with myself you can’t deal with it?”. Jay-Z’s sentiments from ‘On To The Next One’ seem to be fairly applicable to this situation; if you want Tyler’s old shit, buy his old albums. Artists speak from their experience, and since the rapper seems to be in a much happier place now, his music is naturally reflecting that.

It’s comparable to what many of us face with our high school friends in later life: some of them stay with us, others we grow apart from, and the rest we never, ever want to see again. We’ve essentially watched Tyler grow up as part of Odd Future, and now that he’s developing other interests, and showing growth as a person, his old “friends” are either down for the ride, or about to jump off the wagon. Figure out which one you are by checking out the original post here, and Tyler’s response here.

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