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Weekly updates

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard about the latest ‘collision’ from adidas Originals as part of their Unite All Originals campaign, which sees the legendary hip-hop group (and original adidas aficionados) Run DMC, collaborate with Fool’s Gold poster boy A-Trak in the ultimate culture clash.

We all know how Run DMC took brand shout outs in raps to a whole new level with their 1986 ode to their favourite footwear, ‘My Adidas’, so it’s nice to see the guys who changed the game given some love and renewed relevance from the brand they so desired many moons ago.

In addition to the creation of a new track, a whole bunch of behind the scenes content surrounding the collaboration, as well as a fresh new capsule collection that pays homage to the iconic rap group graphic, the jewel in the campaign crown is surely the crazy interactive film that brings the legends to life. The scene is set with Run DMC recording their new track in a New York studio, the viewer follows them on a journey from the studio to the streets.

If Godzilla sized iconic rappers walking around the Manhattan landscape doesn’t do it for you, maybe the fact that you can control the music video via voice commands will. It’s a case of rap what you see and visual effects and animations will be triggered. If you haven’t had a chance to tinker with the tech just yet, head on over to the site right here. (A tip from the veteran, as I may have played it more than a couple times, watch it on Chrome). One thing’s for sure, music vids have sure as hell come a long way since MTV actually played still played them.

And if you’re feeling especially inspired as a result of the audiovisual buffet, don’t forget adidas Originals is also running the Drop a Rhyme comp that invites rappers (or wannabes) to get in on the action.