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We premiere the third episode of Diafrix’s video series, ahead of the September 28th release of the hip-hop duo’s album, Pocket Full Of Dreams.

In the third instalment of Diafrix’s Pocket Full Of Dreams video series, Azmarino and Momo talk candidly about their childhoods and growing up as dreamers—from playing air guitar as kids to Momo’s secret high school band—and turning those dreams into a reality decades later.

The third episode also includes excerpts from their new track, I’m a Dreamer, featuring 360, taken from their forthcoming Pocket Full Of Dreams album which drops September 28th through Illusive.

For more on the release and to pre-order, head to diafrix.com. The Pocket Full Of Dreams tour travels to Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle in October. Get the tour dates and info via Facebook.