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Vince Staples is about to bless us with his own Beats 1 radio show

A show "designated to illuminate and distract the mind"

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Vince Staples’ Snapchat account is both hilarious and baffling. The notoriously aloof Long Beach rapper has a penchant for snapping updates for his fans one minute, then swamping them with snaps cussing out his cousin’s “trash ass” NBA 2K17 team the next.

This is how Staples works. He’s never afraid to admit he’s been sober since birth or that he hates clubbing. He does what he does and he says whatever’s on his mind.

That’s why the prospect of Staples hosting his very own show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 is so damn exciting. The show is called “S E A B S (Section Eight Arthouse Broadcast System)” and will be broadcast on the third Thursday of every month.

According to an Apple Music press release, Staples’ show is a “pirate radio-style broadcast full of music and interviews curated by Vince and designated to illuminate and distract the mind.” Fuck yeah.

This caps off an eventful year for Staples who released his excellent EP Prima Donna back in August.

Check out the trailer for “S E A B S” above. And make sure you add “poppystreet” on Snapchat if you know what’s good for you.

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