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In their latest collaborative effort, Akomplice have teamed up with Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Wale, to create a ski suit. After sporting a pair of ski overalls in Audio Push’s ‘Quick Fast’ music video, Wale wanted to fashion his own distinct pair, complete with a corresponding ski mask, so that’s what the two did.

“Featuring a blue, black and silver colour scheme which was chosen by Wale to represent his Every Blue Moon imprint. The overalls feature AQUASEAL waterproof zippers, courtesy of YKK, as well as 3M reflective hits on the knees, ankles and calf. More than merely well designed technical garments, both the mask and overalls pay tribute to Wale’s Nigerian ancestry with a traditional Yoruba pattern emblazoned in 3M on the overall’s straps and across the mask. Like Wale, Akomplice is a proponent of individuality in the arena of fashion. With this collaboration, the two produced a pair of innovative statements pieces for the street that also have the technical prowess for the outdoors.”

The ski suit overalls and mask are available on the Akomplice Webstore.


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