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In quite possibly the best Wavy Wednesday release yet, A$AP Mob have dropped the visual accompaniment to their A$AP Yams tribute ‘Yamborghini High’. It’s expectedly trippy, and is basically a moving version of A$AP Rocky’s more artistically treated Instagram account. Continuing the art connection, the video also seems to take cues from director Richard Mosse’s work, with the Mob moving through pink-hued landscapes in (VLONE) camo.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Yamborghini tribute without a shit tonne of Lambos, so you can see them being driven and used as high-end props throughout the clip. All the Mob are there, and Juicy J and Yams’s mother also make cameos in what is an extravagant, high-energy, mind trip of a music video. Yams would have loved it. Watch the clip above.

Weekly updates