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Noisey’s Episodic doco on the prettiest motherfucker in the game shifts gears in the second last instalment. Where SVDDXNLY had been a procedural on A$AP‘s career trajectory, mapping his rise intercut with piece-to-camera interviews, we see him hanging in this episode with the people he had yearned to meet on his way to the top.

This ep is worth watching through just to hear Snoop’s pep talk about A$AP touring with Rihanna.
“You with the baddest bitch in the music industry, hands down. Right? You get to walk on stage before he do.” Snoop says, consoling A$AP after he admits he’s not fond of touring as a non-headline act.

SVDDXNLY only has one part left and it’s been a great documentary devoid of over-editorialising voice overs or ulterior narratives. It’ll be interesting to see how it wraps up and whether it’ll conclude in a satisfying way.


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