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Part five of SVDDXNLY begins at the Staples Center in LA, where A$AP smokes weed with Wiz Khalifa and hangs out with Bryan Leach, Riff Raff and Big Sean. After the show, Rocky heads back home to NY to finish the tour. It’s satisfying to hear A$AP has less interest in living the celebrity lifestyle, as he takes his crew to 2 Bros. Pizza in NY – a place he’d frequent while growing up.

The Noisey episodic documentary concludes with footage from the Brooklyn NY Barclays Center show cut with an interview, where A$AP reflects on the trajectory of his career, the death of his father and his own happiness: ‘I’m not sayin’ [where I’m at is] enough, and I’m not sayin’ I’m content with being at this stage… but I could die today happy, that’s straight up.’


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