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Action Bronson’s been just about every overly charismatic icon possible in the rap game. From threatening mob boss to grindhouse goof, you get the feeling he’s fulfilling all his character fantasies the best way he can.

This time round on Easy Rider, he ribs heavily on the film of the same name. It’s got gunplay, acid, motorbikes, cops and a spirit guide so you know it’s going to be a well spent five minutes of your life. Unfortunately, it looks like Bronsolino attended the Lil Wayne school of guitar right at the end.

The track sounds like a solid return to form in the vein of Dr. Lecter or even the first Blue Chips. It’s a refreshing sample-centric approach after the uncomfortably over the top Saab Stories and middling Rare Chandeliers. His new full length, Mr Wonderful, comes out later this year.