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Watch: André 3000 crashes LA Reid’s radio interview

"Young Thug is charging up the rap game"

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If there’s anyone you wouldn’t mind dropping by unexpectedly, it’s André 3000. The Outkast rapper has been keeping a pretty low profile lately, only popping up sonically on some select songs, but recently he popped up IRL during another celeb’s radio interview in Texas. Famed record exec LA Reid was doing the promo rounds for his latest book when Three Stacks happened to be spotted lurking around the studio and, of course, you’re not going to pass up an opportunity for an update direct from one of the most celebrated rappers in history.

As always, André is softly spoken and pretty humble, and generously answers questions from the starstruck hosts of Dish Nation’s The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. Among the gems includes his co-sign of a few of today’s rappers and his support of how they’re doing things, why he’s not a good freestyle rapper, and his views on fatherhood. Check out the two clips of André 3000’s comments in the gallery above.

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