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Weekly updates

I remember when I first saw the internet, it was in Grade Two and we had a class excursion to the house of the one rich kid in our year to check out his home computer. We had thirty kids crowded around one computer, staring in wonder because our teacher had promised us that this was going to change everything for us.

Azealia Banks is no stranger  to the power of the web, her low budget breakout video ‘212’  has racked up 36 million views in just over a year, and her latest visuals for ‘Atlantis’ tap into that same cultural zeitgeist. Embracing the Tumblr fetishised seapunk aesthetic, and twisting it with just enough illumaniti signifiers to keep Youtube’s comment section ticking over, she’s created something that’s inherently viral. Whether or not it’ll stand the test of time remains to be seen, but rest assured it’ll get reblogged out of sight – and right now Azealia is all about right now.