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Watch Blood Orange’s full Boiler Room set because we love rubbing salt in our wounds

The elusive set from November finally sees the light of day

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If you’re like us and have suffered recent heartbreak after Blood Orange cancelled their Melbourne shows, then we’ve got just the video to make you feel even worse. Performing live for the Boiler Room, old mate Dev shreads some unreal cello in the opening of a performance that has left us in a fetal position. Equip with a guitar, vocals, piano and backup dancers as well, Dev Hynes proves that he has truly achieved GOAT status.

The set was originally filmed back in November when the Boiler Room Weekender was shut down by police and has only just been released to the public now. In the wake of Martin Luther King Day, the set serves a moving reflection of the legend’s legacy, as it is bookended by two radical artists in their own rights, Julius Eastman and Nina Simone. We could honestly use 40 hours worth of this content, but alas, we’ll settle for playing the 40 minute set on repeat in the hopes of healing our broken heart.

Give it a look for yourself in the gallery above, and brace yourself for some hardcore fomo.

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