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Today in Random Things You Find On The Internet: this thirst-quenching music video for a track called ‘Bottles’. Directed by Eastern Dreams and Baby Z (aka LuvKraft Productions), the track is a slow-paced, sensual ode to oral sex (we think). You already know you’re in for a treat as the video opens on a close-up of a Fiji water bottle, which then quickly leads into the first innuendo-heavy verse, where we get to know the two artists—one of which is performing in a pool while wearing a Fila track jacket.

Awkward coastal scenes, sportswear, and a lot more wetness features in the three-minute clip, which doesn’t seem to have any brand affiliation when it comes to actual water, with Fiji Water, Evian, and the more economical Refresh, all getting a look-in. Good pick on that “No time for fuckboyz” tee, though.

Information about the artists is pretty scarce, besides Baby Z’s Youtube account description including “Australian” and “enigma” and featuring a handful of other videos, which make use of random rap songs and Photobooth backgrounds. If this makes no sense, watch the clip above and you might be on the same page… or maybe not. If anybody does know what is going on here, please let us know.

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