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In episode 21 of Noisey’s “Back & Forth”, A$AP Rocky chills with old school influencer and OG, Bun B. A$AP Bari’s strung out head also features. The guys talk how trill started from jailhouse slang in Bun’s hood, and how certain people should and shouldn’t be using it and becoming a major influencer in hip hop and rap.

“It’s that shit that, I remember when muthafuckers started calling me OG, I had trouble embracing that shit ’cause I didn’t want to accept it, but then I realised it’s a term of endearment. We all gonna get caught by father time, if I don’t bow out gracefully and embrace that shit then when their time comes they won’t know how”.

The talk gets a little less serious when A$AP want’s Bun B to spill on his craziest fight story, with Bun complying with a tale of fighting “soundies” and security. Watch these tales and more above.

Jamie-Maree Shipton