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I don’t want to say Gambino’s flow in the video above is bad, because it isn’t, but I also don’t want to pretend it’s a freestyle. Calling rappers out for not dropping bars off the dome during radio interviews or rap battles is getting a little tired nowadays, but it’s straight up uncomfortable hearing Rosenberg encouraging Gambino to “dive in” while he desperately tries to remember pre rehearsed lines.

Once he gets going though, there’s some serious criticisms thrown out by Glover. First, to people mocking him for being an actor and riffing on his Instagram sadboy episode and then calling LeBron’s jersey switch in June a ‘bitch move’. Why the hell he chooses to diss emerging RnB crooner and durag enthusiast Spooky Black is beyond me, though. Gambino straight up hates being criticised for anything but he fires more shots in these four minutes than Stallone in First Blood.

Can a man in a light grey cardigan hate on another musician for repping turtlenecks? Is Gambino the rap game Charlie Brown? Has he really been grinding his whole life? Watch the clip above and let us know what you think.

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