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Watch: Clams Casino feat. Lil B – ‘Witness’

The BasedGod directs the fitting visuals to his Clams collab

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Everybody’s favourite positive rapper Lil B has been collaborating again with New Jersey producer Clams Casino. The end product is the single ‘Witness’, which is accompanied by a film clip directed by Lil B himself. Clams Casino provides the lo-fi, punchy trap beat for Lil B to spit bars about money, girls, and foreign cars, in front of a lavish backdrop. From expansive modern mansions, to street deals, and Lil B in a balaclava in the forest, the clip gives you a little bit of everything and a lot of the ~very rare~ BasedGod.

‘Witness’ is set to feature on Clams Casino’s upcoming album 32 Levels, which is out July 15 via Columbia Recordswhich also promises guest appearances by A$AP Rocky and Vince Staples. Check out the Lil B-directed ‘Witness’ in the gallery above and be sure to cop Clams’ new album when it releases.

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