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Weekly updates

I imagine that ferrying from stage to stage at a large scale music festival is usually a bullshit ordeal that is in no way improved by slow-paced golf cart escorts and asshole fans heckling you from the other side of the fence. Slap a GoPro and headline comedian in the cart with you, however, and suddenly it’s a magical journey from A to B.

Danny Brown caught up with Eric Andre Show‘s Hannibal Buress after his performance at Bonaroo to wax lyrical about all manner of things (but mostly women and sex acts). One interesting thing to come out of it is something that’s perplexed me since I first came across World Star Hip-Hop: how race affects your fighting style.

“Black dudes and white guys fight different.” says Danny. “White dudes fight like they’re playing hockey. They’ll grab you and punch you until it’s over. Black guys, we like to punch you and run around and punch you again then run around and do it again.” which is actually a fighting style known as ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Sonic the Hedgehog’.

We also get to find out why DB quit lean, something he briefly spoke to me about in our interview last year. Although he told me it was because he was worried about the addiction and it turns out it was actually because he couldn’t get his thing hard. I guess those are the sort of crucial tidbits you save for a chit chat with Hannibal. Check it above.