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Of the countless rappers to make the leap from hip-hop to Hollywood, few have landed as well as Eminem. When Slim made his so-called acting debut in 8 Mile he managed to seamlessly merge two cultural dimensions, strengthening his brand and making new fans in the process. What most of these fans don’t know however is that Marshall actually had a little more practice on the big screen than he likes to let on.

His real debut came alongside fellow spitters: Ja rule, Mobb Deep, Vanilla Ice, and Pras in Da Hip Hop Witch, “The movie that proves you can take the witch out of the wood…but you can’t take the witch out of the hood.” This forgotten parody of The Blair Witch Project, which is clearly an attempt to exploit the fame of these iconic musicians, features some of the strangest and most memorable rap cameos ever captured on film. These standout moments include the following:

Eminem’s rant…

… and Vanilla Ice being possessed…

… and they are definitely the only scenes worth watching.

The film itself, which has an IMDB rating of 1.6, is so bad that Eminem ended up fighting a legal battle with its producers in an attempt to have his scenes removed – and who could blame him?

James Ruklis

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