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Weekly updates

The holy trinity of CARBON Festival, New Era Cap and Mad Decent took over the entirety of Boney in Melbourne for a night of fun and foolishness to celebrate the mantra of ‘Fly your own flag’. The second coming rolled out in a multi-sensory experience of sight and sound, featuring floor-to-ceiling projections provided by Chronic Sans and Astral Projection. The soundtrack was led by Mad Decent under Lord Paul Devro and his comrades Swick, Mat Cant, Lewis Cancut, Sammy the Bullet, Tomderson, DEER and Pilerats. There was twerking, there were trap arms, and we even spotted a #rare appearance of the Nae Nae. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT? Turn down for a fur-covered room filled with pillows – because we had one of those too.

Special thanks to

New Era Cap

CARBON festival

Mad Decent

Paradise Music

Bulleit Bourbon

Temple Brewing Co




Track: 813 – ‘XOXO’

(Courtesy of Jeffree’s/Mad Decent)