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Does Iggy Azalea close her eyes and point to her DVD collection every time she has a music video to shoot? How did they get ’09 Rihanna to play Rita Ora’s character? Isn’t there an OH&S rule about operating samurai swords without tying your hair up? Is T.I. a good poker player?

The new video for Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora’s collaboration ‘Black Widow’ raises more questions than it answers. Cutting from an extended dialogue scene set in a diner, the clip takes on an unmistakably ‘Kill Bill’ flavour as Iggy imagines becoming a sword-toting bounty hunter with a grudge against sleazy cow-boys, before snapping back to reality having brutalised a lettuce.

With ‘Clueless’ inspired ‘Fancy‘ racking up more than 200-million views, there’s little doubt similarly formatted Black Widow will attract an equal amount of buzz.

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