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On Friday night, at Vice’s 20th anniversary party, several iconic figures took to the stage to cover tracks popularised by equally iconic artists. Scarlett Johannesson sang a New Order ditty, Jarvis Cocker (of Pulp) belted out a Celine Dion hit and Jonah Hill (feat. director Spike Jonze on guitar) really put himself out there with an earnest rendition of ‘Marvin’s Room’ by Drake. Before the Superbad star broke into song he had a few things to say to Drizzy, which we went through the trouble of transcribing for you:

Heckler: Where’s Ice Cube?

Jonah: Are you drunk right now? Hey Drake, I sent you an emoji, dawg. I sent you a panda emoji dawg, and an old-man-doing-pushups… emoji.

Heckler: You send that emoji Jonah!

Jonah: And I saw the dot-dot-dot… but that shit went blank again. That shit kinda broke my heart Drake.

Funnily enough, Jonah later told Vulture that he “hated every second of it”, and only went through with the performance because “Spike asked…[him] to do it”. On subsequent viewings, it definitely becomes clear that Jonah was way out of his comfort zone on this one – not a typical occurrence for the Hollywood funny-man.

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