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Weekly updates

A few weeks back we brought you a fan-made Kanye documentary which we rated highly because it humanised the demi-god that is Kanye West. Now he has been transformed into 2D as the lead protagonist in a new JRPG game called Kanye Quest 3030 fan-made by Phenix.

The story-line goes that the almighty Based God (Lil B) clone has everyone believing he is the original and has amassed an army of rapper clones including Snoop Lion, Dr Dre, Kid Koala (!?), Deltron Zero, Tupac, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj to corrupt/overtake America in the year 3030. Kanye is the prophetic hero who falls down a wormhole while taking out the trash, appearing in the future to save the day (or something like that).

There are rap battles which rely on your diss/rap/production and bragging skills to beat enemies, objects you need to collect to up your swag and all set to an upbeat game-friendly Kanye soundtrack. While still in development, you can download the alpha stage game here.

Mica Nantes