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Watch Kendrick Lamar induct NWA into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

“Being gangsta is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame”

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Following their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, NWA were honoured with a lavish ceremony this weekend. Fans and supporters turned out to recognise the worldwide impact of the seminal rap group. Of course, fellow Compton local and major stan Kendrick Lamar was there and he supplied the kind of introduction only Kendrick could. K.Dot paid tribute to each member of NWA, detailing their personal influence on him. Not only did he reflect on each member’s role in the group’s history, but also the continued impact some of them have today.

Being gangster changed the way people listened to music. Being so obsessed with sound that you create your own headphones and force people and fans around the world to listen to deep, intricate sounds the way you outta hear, you dig?”

Check out his rousing speech in the clip above.

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