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With Jeremih‘s YG collab ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ drawing closer to inescapable summer banger status with every passing day, it was only a matter of time until someone would pare it back a notch in a low key cover. Really, we should all be thankful that teen pop sensation/junior twitter feminist Lorde stepped up to the plate before some guy with a top-knot and a ukelele could get to it.

Stopping by BBC’s Live Lounge, Lorde treated listeners to the Kanye West version of her single ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ before launching into an eery rework of the DJ Mustard produced track. Toying with Jeremih’s ‘smart’ melodies and ‘saucy’ perspective, the singer teamed her vocals with a sultry synth and drum driven accompaniment which anyone who has ever listened to any Lorde song would be familiar with, and some jerky dance moves that anyone who has ever seen a Lorde performance would also be familiar with.


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