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Weekly updates

If you are in to Lunice or TNGHT you’ve got to see this short video from Arty Films, shot during the producer’s recent tour of New Zealand. I love tour doco’s, but this one is extra cool with cuts to old footage of Lunice as a b-boy, a focus on the crazy schedule of a young touring artist, and heaps of insights in to the chilled out producer’s life view.

Lunice distances himself strongly from the trap movement (“I’m not even trap, man, I’m Canadian. How the fuck am I even trap?”), and speaks about not wanting to blow up too fast, so that he’s able to ‘back it up.’ He’s a guy who likes things to happen naturally, especially when it comes to collaborations. He was friends with Hudson Mohawke for over a year before collaborating with him, and apparently that’s how it should be.

Check out the clip above to hear it all for yourself.

Thanks to Arty Films for the video.