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If you remember watching Missy Elliott music videos in the late ‘90s/early 2000s, you might remember the adorable little girl, piggy-tails, tracksuit and dance moves to actually put you to shame. Welp, her name is Alyson Stoner and believe it or not, she’s part of the Disney sorority and has a lot of television credits to her name, as well as those iconic appearances in ‘Work It’ etc.

She’s now 21 and fortunately for us, still dancing. Feeding off the nostalgia that festered in all of us during Missy’s medley, Alyson has put together a tribute dance video, using the audio from that performance and a whole new crew of dancers (cute kids in tracksuits included). Take a look at the video above (+ 2002’s ‘Work It’ for good measure) and prepare to lose yourself in a Youtube hole of late ‘90s hip hop videos.

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