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Pharrell and his oversized hat met with Nigel Sylvester to discuss all things BMX culture for The Red Bulletin. Pharrell, who guest edited the latest issue, talks with professional BMX rider Sylvester, about the stereotypes surrounding the sport, and how he breaks through these “misconceptions.” The pair, who last year set up a bike company together, discuss the importance BMX riding had to them as kids, Pharrell saying that riding was just a way to get around, not an image thing. “It was more out of function then it was about frontin’.”

The duo discuss the connection between BMX riding and art, Slyvester likening the use of his bike to Pharrell’s use of a microphone to “paint a picture.” Watch the full clip below to see footage of Slyvester doing what he does best, and look out for Pharrell as guest editor of The Red Bulletin’s latest issue.

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