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Everyone knows the fastest way to inject meaning into anything is to film it in high-contrast black and white. Rihanna, Kanye and your new favourite rapper Paul ‘Breezy Beatle’ McCartney also checked all the other necessary boxes for creating a resonant clip to match their recent collaboration. Check it:

  • Social media friendly aspect ratio? ✓
  • Opening with profile shot of artist verging on silhouette? ✓
  • Straight-faced utilisation of double denim principles? ✓
  • Underplayed but co-ordinated outfits? ✓
  • Kanye West doing his angry crouching crab dance at every opportunity? ✓
  • Organ interlude? ✓
  • “Mmmm-hmmm-hmmm”? ✓
  • Everyone grabs at the air at least twice per verse? ✓
  • Closing shot with all three artists standing in musical Power Ranger formation? ✓
  • Silent credits roll? ✓

Yep. Certified future classic. Check it above.

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