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UNICEF and WEDIDIT member RL Grime have teamed up to make a video focusing on the issue of child marriage, which has become an epidemic in many countries, including Chad. The video centres around the story of a young girl who is forced into marrying to an older man. In Chad, more than 70% of girls are forced into marriage, and girls are more likely to die during childbirth than attend secondary school – something RL Grime has recently become passionate about changing. “Before UNICEF approached me, I was unaware of this epidemic of child marriage that is plaguing Chad and other places globally,” he said. “So when they came to me with the opportunity I was happy to be involved and help shed light on a very real world topic.”

He picked ‘Always’, the opening track from his recent debut album, VOID, to soundtrack the video, “I think it’s a somber yet uplifting track. The lyric ‘I feel better when I have you near me’ really meshed well with the overall theme of the video, which to me hits on this sense of community.”

The video has been officially endorsed by the First Lady of the Republic of Chad, who will present it at Summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa.

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