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In their season finale, South Park jumped on the hype currently surrounding Kanye West by revisiting their parody of the rapper from the infamous Fishsticks episode back in 2009. The “recovering gayfish” is back to defend the honour of his wife Kim Kardashian, on a mission to convince everyone that his boo is, in fact, not a hobbit. Reprising the running “gayfish” joke that resulted in possibly the funniest celebrity parody the duo has come up with, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone brought back the humourless Kanye – this time complete with a mermaid leotard, taking aim at everything from his VMAs bumrush to his Bound 2 video clip. Outside of all this, the plot is so ridiculous it could be the funniest episode in a season that has pushed the envelope further than anyone thought was possible.

We all know Kanye doesn’t deal with criticism of himself – and especially Kimmy – too kindly. It’s been a pretty big month for Kanye-watchers, and I think South Park just delivered the Christmas gift they’ve all been waiting for. Can anyone sense a new Yeezy rant on the cards?