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Watch: Stormzy takes on Tokyo for adidas Originals by NIGO

The English rapper is taking the city by storm

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After copping a sneak peak of the video yesterday, adidas came through and dropped a seven minute mini-documentary of grime MC Stormzy’s take of Tokyo.

“I’m here to accomplish something,” says the 22-year-old rapper, decked in NIGO’s adidas Originals kit. Stormzy was handpicked by the Japanese designer to be the face of the line, and he doesn’t take the honour lightly.

“I got so much to prove, but I know where I started.”

The SS16 drop keeps in line with Stormzy’s overall mantra of authenticity, as NIGO recognised that this is what is setting him on track to rise high in the grime game. “I felt a return to the origins of hip-hop,” says NIGO. He “saw something of the fundamental essence of hip-hop,” which lead to this very well-suited pairing.

Set against the hectic backdrop that is Tokyo city, the rapper reflects on how he can’t get caught in his “bubble.” There is a level of uncertainty leading up to his show, as he says he doesn’t know if anyone will know the words to his songs, let alone show up. Cut to Stormzy shredding on the stage and you’ll find yourself wishing you were there turning up with the worthy face of the new adidas line as well.

Check out the video, directed by Rollo Jackson, below and stay tuned for more updates on what is set to be another crazy Adidas Originals drop.

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