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Watch: Toro Y Moi invites you into his world

Chaz Bundick charms his way into your ears

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Artist mini-documentaries are becoming imperative in the music world right now, and the latest one to grace our eyes is from the affable Toro Y Moi.

Chaz: In Parts was shot on a handy-cam with a bit of dust on the lens and it follows the standard doco format by delving into his musical origins. He politely brags about nailing a piano recital without the use of sheet music and delves into the moment he realised that music was his calling.

The highlight is seeing Chaz entrenched in his creative process. What starts out with the simple pursuit for something that sounds cool, slowly morphs into the final version of ‘The Flight’ from his 2015 album What For?. His dog plays a beaming support role throughout and fun fact: Chaz is quite nifty at close-grip pull-ups.

By the end of this mini-doco you feel like you’re on a first name basis with the musician, which makes rinsing his discography feel like you owe him a favour. We can only hope he releases new music soon, until then you can grab his last mixtape for free here.

Watch Chaz: In Parts above.

  • Words: Eli Marsland

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