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Weekly updates

I know what you’re thinking – electro-pop/hip-hop track? But Copenhagen-bred When Saints Go Machine have nailed this collab. The dark, grime-riddled track entitled Love and Respect is solidly grounded in hard-hitting boom-bap and singer Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild shines with an eerie Radiohead-esque performance. Killer Mike drops in at around 2min and the introduction of ‘killer’ rhymes just works! This tune is certified dope and what bumps it up another gear – is the visuals.

I’ll stick my neck out and just say it – this may be the video of the year so far. Directed by Frederik Hviid & Sebastian Birk, the cinematography is handled by Jacob Møller and the gritty crime narrative instantly stirs up Guy Ritchie comparisons. Dig the visuals.