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We are getting a new Frank Ocean album, according to producer Malay

It's nearly time, folks. It's nearly time.

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It’s nearly been four long years since Frank Ocean released Channel Orange. Since then, the 28 year-old American singer has become one of the most elusive figures in the industry. We’ve been waiting. It’s been delayed. We’ve been patient. And now, according to producer Malay, the end is nigh. Sort of.

In his Pitchfork interview, Malay, tells us that, since finishing Zayn’s solo debut Mind of Mine, his sole focus is now on the completion of Frank’s second studio album. And he assures us that it’s soon.

“I always tell people: When he’s ready, the world is gonna get it. It could be tomorrow… well not tomorrow but maybe a month [laughs]. We’ve all been working hard. He’s been working super hard. I feel like he’s working harder than he’s ever worked in his life.”

Malay, who has also worked with the likes of Alicia Keys and Big Boi, provides us with a glimpse into Frank’s new direction. “Frank’s exploring different vibes completely on this album. I wouldn’t say it’s vocally looser but just his mentality; it doesn’t seem as meticulous at certain times.”

Please, Frank. Please give the people what they want.

For the time being, let’s throw it back to the good ol’ days of Nostalgia, Ultra and Channel Orange. Listen to ‘Swim Good’ and a 2012 live SNL performance of ‘Thinkin Bout You’ above.

  • Words: Louis Hanson

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