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It’s the mixtape that crashed Datpiff, it’s Wiz Khalifa’s ‘return to form’ since his first studio album (and his least strongest work as per his own admission) Rolling Papers, it’s (drum roll) Taylor Allderdice. And while it certainly is a return to past works such as the fan favourite Kush & OJ in terms of production (from such talents as I.D Labs, Sledgren, Jake One, Lex Luger, Spaceghostpurp and Big Jerm) and lyrics, with a focus on Khalifa’s successful ‘rap with sing-song hook’ formula there is one major difference between this and earlier mixtape affairs such as Prince Of The City Vol 2 and Burn After Rolling. Wiz Khalifa is paid… really paid… and it certainly shows on Taylor with Wiz adding a new theme to his smoked out songs… telling you how paid he is… a lot. Still the smokers anthems are here and you can tell that Wiz is having the time of his life right now so the mood is infectious if not a little repetitive.

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice